Property Buyers by Somrie

Property Buyers by Somrie

Objectives of PropertyBuyers by Somrie

  • Improving the brand at the national level (for this purpose a corporate identity manual is being developed), they do not have a ready-made brand and it is very important for the franchise to grow and be recognized at the state level.
  • Position the search terms real estate consultant, real estate personal shopper… in each geographical area in which they operate. But, above all, improve these search terms so that anyone who wants to buy a house thinks of them as the first option, that is, that they are on the user’s short list.
  • To obtain qualified leads for each of the zones.
  • Creation of three different websites for each of its targets (franchisees, buyers and investors).
  • In unison with the above, to make more emphasis on their targets so that each user knows where to go to look for information and one service or another.

Solutions and Activities

  • Brand redesign
  • Definition of keywords for each target.
  • Content strategy
  • RRSS: templates and dissemination of publications
  • Google Ads Campaigns
  • CTAs
  • Landings very direct to what the user is looking for.
  • Email marketing
  • Mobilmarketing and Storytelling
  • Marketing plans for Somrie and Property Buyers brands

Performance Measurement

  • Monthly reports to see Property activity, i.e. visits, but especially contacts achieved.
  • Annual reports: to see the objectives achieved with respect to the previous year.

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